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As a Church, one of the reasons for our existence is the caring and attending to the personal needs of the individuals who make up our congregation. To do this, we have a Pastoral Care Ministry (PCM) team, led by our pastors themselves, with an aim to extend a hand of love where ever the need arises. This ministry works closely with the Social Concerns and Welfare branches of the Covenant Vision Ministries such as Covenant Vision Christian Mission to ensure that all the necessary support and care required is met.

The services we provide include the following:


• Counselling, Healing and Deliverance

Christian wholeness as well as liberty to move in the things of the Spirit for an abundant and victorious Christian Life is a covenant right of every believer. Individual Christian counselling, healing or deliverance ministry based on Biblical principles with a view to bring Christian wholeness and total well being in spirit, soul and body is one of the key areas of ministry provided by our PCM Team.


• Hospital Visitation

One of the purposes of the anointing of the Holy Spirit is to heal the sick and to set the captives free. Praying and providing pastoral care for the sick and infirmed has always been a cornerstone of our Covenant Vision Ministries from day one. This philosophy has been carried in our Church as a Hospital Visitation program to bring care, comfort and solace to the sick and infirmed in hospitals. Our PCM team will visit individuals to pray, comfort as well as to minister to them.


• Weddings


We recognise that the institution of Holy Matrimony is one of the important foundations for a strong Christian family. To prepare couples to build an ark in their families, we conduct a Marriage Preparation Course as well as Pre-marital Counselling. Also to facilitate the Celebration and Solemnisation of Marriages, our Senior Pastor has also been appointed a Deputy Registrar of Marriages and is licensed to solemnise marriages.

• Cradle Roll


Our Church also strongly believes that children are a blessing from the Lord and that there is a call for Christians to be fruitful and multiply by having children. As a Church we also celebrate that the curse in Genesis 3:16 on women has been broken today in Jesus. Today believing women should have no problems in conceiving as well as having a good pregnancy with a pain-free childbirth. However, we do understand and appreciate that the months after birth can be daunting for some mothers. As such, we have PCM members who have experienced motherhood and who are here to support mothers with their love, care, experience,  encouragement and prayers.

• Bereavement Support

There is a time to be born, a time to live as well as a time of experiencing death and loss. Our PCM team members are here provide condolence and help facilitate matters in such times of bereavement. to provide advice as well as to arrange and conduct wake and funeral services.


If you require any of the above services, please contact our Church Office at 6521 6688 or email us at

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